2009-03-28 32 -90

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Sat 28 Mar 2009 in Jackson, MS:
32.2044679, -90.5471750

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Being my son's birthday, we had plans to be in Jackson for an early dinner at a restaurant (he wanted to try lobster - yum!) and the day's geohash point was not terribly far off the path back home near a little town called Learned, MS. Kinda like a scenic detour. Of course, it was in the woods and in Mississippi that can be anywhere from easy to impassible, depending on the undergrowth and terrain. We'd just have to see when we got there.


The weather was good and we weren't running terribly late so I opted to try the scenic route and see how hard it would be to reach the point from the nearby road. My Garmin navigated me through the backroads of rural Mississippi to Learned, a quaint little town that is basically just a bedroom community now. The point was just off a road on the "outskirts" of town in a wooded area. How wooded would determine if I could get there.

We were dressed for dinner so I wasn't exactly up for rough-and-tumble geohashing on this trip. The terrain was flat, thankfully, and as we approached the point, it appeared there might be a clearing just in the right spot. I parked the car and asked for volunteers to join with me. My sons were enthralled in their new Nintendo DS games and my wife was in a dress and begged off. So off I went by myself.

It was only 75 meters into the woods but I've seen some forests here where that could effectually be 100 miles in terms of impassibility. Thankfully, I was right about the clearing. It was just at the right spot to allow me to easily walk in. The point itself was just at the edge of the clearing and if it had been 10 or so more meters into the woods, it would have been very difficult to reach.

I hashed the point, my fourth, and headed back triumphantly to my waiting family in the car.