2009-03-26 52 7

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Thu 26 Mar 2009 in 52,7:
52.4016096, 7.0211529

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[edit] Plan

Arvid had no choice but go. *Finally* a hash in 52 7 in Netherlands, in my own province! It looks like it's on a parking lot that belongs to http://www.oosterik.nl/. It's about as far as possible, it's raining and there is quite some wind, but around 25km one way after work is still possible.

[edit] Achievements

[edit] Expedition

Tracklog by bicycle

As said, it was raining when I left work, just after 17:00. I had quite some backwind and am familiar on the route until Noord-Deurningen. So I didn't make a route, I just put the hashpoint in my GPS and went. I found out Oosterik even has their own signs on the main road! I photographed only one, but this was actually the second official sign with it. From the satellite imagery it looks huge, and it probably is.

Just after 18:00 I entered the parking lot, on my way to the hashpoint. It wasn't that easy, since I didn't bother to get off my bike. I also didn't buy a hashplant(I really want the hashpoint to be in a dutch "coffeeshop" sometime). It was cold and rainy, and I wanted to get moving as fast as possible again, to keep myself warm. Oh, somewhere between Oldenzaal and Denekamp I also realized I didn't bring any chalk.

Anyway, at 18:15 I got moving again and at 19:30 I was home.