2009-03-23 49 12

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Mon 23 Mar 2009 in 49,12:
49.1444640, 12.1049863

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On the northward lane of the Autobahn A93 near Regenstauf, 15km north of Regensburg.

Tomcat and Hans, with dawidi[edit]

dawidi: A surprisingly quick and simple expedition after work. We met at the A93 exit Regensburg-Pfaffenstein at 17:30 (can you believe I was almost not late, for once!), I parked my bike and we got into the car and onto the Autobahn. With three GPSes on the dashboard - a TomTom for autorouting, a Magellan eXplorist, and a Garmin Vista - and equipped with two cameras, we approached the hashpoint.

The last speed limit sign, 3.5 km before the hash, said 120km/h, but it was canceled at 3.0 km. Therefore, there is no legal speed limit in effect at this hash, but only the general advisory speed of 130 km/h. We took the liberty of considering this speed to be sufficient for the Speed Racer Achievement. After driving northward exactly over the hashpoint (even on the correct lane) at 120 km/h, we turned around at the next exit and drove by the coordinates again, this time at 130 km/h. Not too far after the hash, probably due to the heavy rain, there was a dynamic speed limit (displayed on an LED panel) of 130 km/h, so our speed was indeed the reasonable maximum.


There is a 4-minute video of the entire expedition available on YouTube. You have to watch it in high quality (HQ button at the bottom right) to be able to read the GPS displaying the distance to the hash.

You can also download a zipped GPX tracklog of the expedition (with 1-second logging interval).

Tomcat, with Hans and dawidi, almost earned the Speed Racer geohash Achievement
by passing through the (49, 12) geohash on 2009-03-23 at 130 km/h (the advisory maximum speed), because Unhandled Exception in 'Speed Racer Achievement': property 'legal speed limit' not implemented..
2009-03-23 49 12 outside.jpg