2009-03-22 52 6

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Sun 22 Mar 2009 in 52,6:
52.6411888, 6.8055127

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Arvid had no nice points saturday (and a hangover). But he needs to cycle! He hoped to be on his bike at 8am, and back home around noon for this hash. But that wasn't going to happen. But, at 13:00 he did everything else, and could go hashing! The wind had gotten quite a bit stronger by then though.



Tracklog by bicycle

I left home around 13:00. I knew it would be very fast to be at the hash at 15:00 because of the strong headwind. I noticed lambs on the way to the hash, and photographed them on the way back. I also saw this Kangaroo-sign, and it made me think of the remark on IRC that nearly all hashes are in Germany, Australia or Canada. This was Australia in Germany!

At 15:30 I was near the hash. I had two stroopwafels and walked into the field where the hash was. Thanks to lack of rain for nearly a week it was very easy to walk over it, no sticky mud! There were tracks of animals everywhere. And the bushes near the hash showed me it is spring.

On the way back I noticed quite a lot praying birds of prey in the sky. Impossible to photograph of course.

At 15:50 I took off towards home. At 18:00 I was back home.