2009-03-22 37 -77

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Sun 22 Mar 2009 in 37,-77:
37.6411888, -77.8055127

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We grabbed a Virginia geohash on the return trip from visiting GreenDragon (Eisen’s sister). It was an easy find on the side of road in wooded residential area.

Just west of the Geohash we passed a large Holstein dairy farm and a Christian theme village under construction. Apparently they were attempting to recreate various locations around the city of Jerusalem. The picture pretty much says it all. A little further up the road we found a brightly colored Noah’s ark and a menagerie of farm animals + a llama.

Lastly, we missed our exit and detoured through the country-side to get back on the highway – that was where we came across the various large animal statues at a gas-station.


Eisen & Bear - NCBears

Geological Features[edit]

Rolling farmland just west of Richmond, Virginia. Geohash was located 3 meters from edge of road, just inside the woods.

Wildlife Encounters[edit]

Farm animals – goats, horses, cattle, llama!

Wild – Red-tailed hawks, Canada geese, White-tailed deer


60.4°F/15.8°C, sunny.