2009-03-21 41 -87

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Sat 21 Mar 2009 in Chicago:
41.7980280, -87.4404097

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Getting There[edit]

Ever had your sigoth beat on you to do something for a long time and you keep pushing it off for whatever reason (it's ridiculous, too cold out, or you need a bigger carpet to roll the body up in)? Well, to me that's what this is. Although, on the other hand, it was a good way to spend some quality time with a pretty girl on a gorgeous Chicago spring day.

The coordinates actually fell out somewhere in Lake Michigan, so we did the sporting thing and moved them due west to the lakefront. The coordinates were now in Hyde Park, next to the University of Chicago, which was convenient. We could take care of this, then hit Powell's Books.

To get there virgletati drove her car. The air really smelled like spring, and the sun was shining, so I rolled down her passenger side window to breathe deep of my victory over another Chicago winter. Unfortunately, it got stuck and wouldn't return to its closed position, and the Southside of Chicago is no place to leave your car with the window down. Our mission faced its first crucial test.

Fortunately, I am skilled at cursing. Calling upon my ancestors who now reside in the Halls of Valhalla I rebuked the window for its stubborn refusal to return to its proper location. Some long deceased relative must have heeded my petitions, as the window was eventually pulled and cajoled back to the closed position. Crisis averted, chum.

Now with the car locked, and the ceremonial flag in our possession, it was only a matter of walking to the proper spot and, um, planting it.

Stuff we saw[edit]

Deer statue.JPG

On the way we walked under Lake Shore Drive and came upon this statue/fountain. It is of a faun, in memory of David Wallach, who must have been some kind of big shot around the turn of the 20th Century. He left $5,000 to build a fountain for "the free use of both men and beasts." According to the internet, it was designed and placed at the lakefront in 1939. So you just learned something.

The site was pretty much due north of this statue, and we proceeded there in all haste. You can see the flag and everything.

Small flag.jpg Small zoomed out flag.jpg

And some other views from the site:

Small north better.jpg Looking North.

Small south better.jpg Looking South

We should have taken pictures pictures looking east and west, but hindsight is pretty good.

On top of that, a fire was started, and a happy birthday was wished. Those things were related.

virgletati earned the Drag-along achievement
by dragging Joshua! to the (41, -87) geohash on 2009-03-21.