2009-03-20 35 -84

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Fri 20 Mar 2009 in Cleveland, TN:
35.9413044, -84.3536148

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Hash point is located in a wooded area near the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


NullHypothesis: This hash looked easy, so I decided to detour to it on my way home from work. Google maps placed the hash about 300 meters through the woods from a road. The only apparent difficulty might be a stream crossing, and the possibility of restricted access to government property, since this area is home to several facilities run by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Energy.

After diligently searching for "no trespassing" signs, and finding none, I entered the woods. This being the vernal equinox, the first spring flowers were blooming. The most interesting were the unusual, petal-less spicebush flowers.

Proceeding through a patch of primitive horsetail plants revealed the larger-than-expected stream. Jumping it was not an option. Wading would be messy. Perhaps there was a log across it somewhere? A quick thrash through the briars along the bank led to a challenging stepping-stone crossing, which was accomplished without a splash.

The other side was swampy and densely tangled with undergrowth. Beavers (or raptors) had gnawed trees down everywhere. Another few minutes of fighting through the thicket led to the hash, a relatively unremarkable spot in the thick brush. Surprisingly, no other hashers were waiting there with Scrabble or chess or Twister. Bummer.

The "proof" photos were taken, and the return trip was accomplished without testing the water temperature of the stream.