2009-03-20 33 -84

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Fri 20 Mar 2009 in Atlanta:
33.9413044, -84.3536148

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I patiently awaited for the thumb tack to pop up on the Google map. Right at 9:30am I hit the refresh button and there it was, In Dunwoody. It was not a hash point that I could do at lunch time but it was about 2 or 3 miles out of my way on my way home. That is it, I'm making it.

I'm on my bicycle today, So I print out the map and directions and leave them on the top of my bicycle bag that I have to carry my clothes in. At the end of the day, I pick up my bicycle bag on the side of my desk to change to my riding clothes. I leave the map and directions on my desk so I will put them in the bag when I finish changing. One of my coworkers stops me on the way back to my office from the bathroom where I change clothes. We talk for a few minutes about work stuff and I tell them that I will get to what they need first thing Monday morning.

Long story short, I forget the map and directions on my desk. I walk down the few flights of stairs in my building down to my bicycle. I attach the bicycle bag to the bike rack and remember that I have left the directions on my desk. I lay my bicycle down on the side walk and head back for my office.

I get back to my office and fold the directions to be able to put them in the bicycle bag. I then head back outside to my bicycle. When I get back outside to my bicycle, I notice that now the bike bag is hanging off to the side of the bike rack. I put the directions down on the wall next to the side walk and undo the straps to the bike bag, bring the bike bag back up to sitting on top of bike rack and re tighten the bungee straps. I head off on my way.

I ride the six miles to my truck. A very pleasant bike ride I must say. When I get back to my truck and take off the bike bag, I remember that I didn't pick up the directions that I had left on the wall next to the sidewalk. AHHHH!! bummer. I was thinking that maybe I should give up the hash. I could drive back to the office but going back north on Cobb parkway would take me about 30 minutes to get to the office even thought it was only 6 miles away.

I decided to leave with out the directions. The directions to the hash point lead through back roads from Kennesaw to Dunwoody, the shortest route. I would have never remembered them. But, I did remember that the hash point was off of Peachtree Dunwoody.

Not wanting to get lost on back roads through Marietta, I decide to go the interstate to top end I-285 because I did know of a way to make it to Peachtree Dunwoody from Glenridge connector.

The traffic on I-285 was the normal horrible Friday traffic. It took forever to get to Glenridge connector. But I did find Peachtree Dunwoody and then the street that the Apartment complex was on.

I got out of my truck and found the swimming pool.. Drats!!! The pool is locked. Maybe I should just make this a no trespassing Geohash. I waited around for a few minutes to see if anyone would either go into the pool or come out of it. No luck.

Wait a minute.... I've seen these locks before and have used them previously. I though maybe I could try the default code lock and see if it works. The default code for these locks is press 1 and 3 at the same time then press 2 then 5. I crossed my fingers pressed the enter button. SUCCESS!! the button clicked and went all the way in. I turned the handle and it opened.

I walked into the pool area like I was a resident. It isn't trespassing if you know the gate code. I looked around and could see the tennis court. I couldn't figure out how to get there. There was an incredibly fine looking lass(girl) attempting to sun bathe, that asked me what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for the entrance to the tennis courts. She told me that it was back along the side of the pool and she would show me the way. I eagerly followed her.

She lead me to the side of the pool and to the path that lead to the tennis courts. I thanked her and I went on my way. I found the exact spot, took a few pictures. The guy attempting to warm up to play tennis asked me if I would like him to take my picture. I agreed.

I then left and headed off for Norcross.



NWoodruff earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-03-20.