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Mon 16 Mar 2009 in Talking Rock:
34.0560663, -84.3573496

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Talking Rock


  • NWoodruff attempted and arrived about 5:50pm.


After checking on this geohash in the Atlanta Graticule and being way too far south to be able to do at lunch time. I decided to check on where the hash point is in this graticule. As it turns out, this hash point is about a mile out of my way when I take back roads home and don't travel top end I-285.

Today it was raining all day and before I left work, I checked www.georgia-navigator.com to see what I-285 east bound was looking like. The map said that it was slow but moving. So I decided to skip the GeoHashing for today. Just as I was about to get on the on ramp to I-75 south bound, I heard on the radio that there has been a 3 car pile up on I-285 east bound with 3 of the 4 lanes blocked. The estimate on the radio from I-75 going east on I-285 to I-85(the route I was taking) would take an hour.

Okay... So I am Geohashing today. I didn't get on I-75 south bound and continued on back roads. The hash was easy to find since it was only less than a mile out of my way.

The hash point appears to be inside the house. There was a car in the driveway. I walked up to the door and knocked, several times. Nobody answered. I could hear music playing that sounded like it was coming from inside the house. I could not tell if someone was home or they had just left the radio on.

I decided that with the possibility of someone being home that I shouldn't go snooping around their back yard with out their permission to get closer to the hash point.

Knocking on the door does get me within the required 10 meters. So I will accept the Land Geohash for today and will declare that the coordinates reached.