2009-03-14 31 -111

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Sat 14 Mar 2009 in Sasabe:
31.5407367, -111.1119046

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Our most adventureous geohash yet. We started with a 40 mile drive on the highway, quickly followed by a 4 wheel drive jeep trail that actually required 4x4. We came across a gate and I feared it would be locked and I would be forced to drive in reverse, uphill and in 4WD since there was NO room to turn around. Fortunately, there was no lock and we finished the 2 mile drive and started the 2 mile hike. We got to the point where the hash point was off the beaten path and had to bushwack 1/4 mile up the steep side of the mountain. Thank goodness the location was just short of the cliff faces. Made it after a bit of work and I surprised RoadRunner by breaking out the wine, glasses, pastrami, cheese and trail mix. She was wondering why I was taking my pack all the way up the hill. What a magnificent view. Salute.