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Wed 11 Mar 2009 in 52,7:
52.0756037, 7.1407393

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relet asked whether Arvid had any plans today. Relet would be driving back from Brussels to Berlin, and Enschede is sort-of on the way. Arvid had a day off, so he could go. Arvid suggested 52 7. Relet suggested 2pm.

For Arvid it would be about an hour of cycling to the hash, which meant he had to leave at 1pm.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle. Arvid

I left home just after 13:00, and arrived near the hash nicely at 14:00. Tnx backwind! I walked into the field, and walked to the hashpoint. Germany loves me, or at least it was trying to stick to me. I saw quite some hares around the hash. The first picture has two of them in them! I couldn't really see that unless I looked at the original 10MP photo, where there are 2 stains that must be them. I'm not really good at photographing wildlife.

I put XKCD on the unpaved road next to the hash where the field was, so relet could see I had been there. At 14:30 I took the interesting way home.

There was a road that didnt cross the highway, and the roads were not so good there. Later I was at a railwaycrossing that stated that the road was a dead end. I have found out that sometimes, this just means you end up at a private property, where there are more roads coming together. When at the farm there were some kids playing outside, and a woman asked if she could help me. I saw the track my GPS told me was the one, and pointed that I wanted to go that way. She told me that that track ended in a field. I didn't believe it, but since both roads were probably private property anyway, I returned. The railwaycrossing however, was now closed. It was only 1 track. After a couple of minutes there was a train. After some more minutes(total waiting time 8mins), my patience ended. It wasn't very easy to get past these closed barriers(took 3 minutes). I wondered how they were operated, and found cables that led to a house a bit further.

Well, I got past it, and continued my way. A couple of km longer way. In the end I got to the road where I should have gotten if the road from that farm. There was something of a track, but it was completely overgrown, and I could see some more barriers. Maybe the woman was right. Anyway, I continued my journey and arrived home at 16:30.

Oh German clay, why do you stick to me this way


relet failed. Well, failed to reach the hash in time to meet up. By the time he had crossed Belgium and the Netherlands, it was half past three in the afternoon. Sorry arvid! I missed his tag, too, because I took the road north of the hash, which was a dead-end but led closer to the hash on dry (non-clayful) feet.

Still, thats a successful four country multihash for me. Now I had just to drive another five hours back home. :}

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