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Tue 10 Mar 2009 in Atlanta:
33.5535854, -84.3636767

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This hash came out in the parking lot of some sort of big building. Woodveil created one of their topographical Google Earth overlays for the region surrounding the point, and the topo map told us we were actually going to a library. What fun! A meetup was scheduled for 6:30.



Woodveil left for the point just prior to 6:00. Traffic out of downtown was the usual non-existent, and we approached the hash a little early. We turned onto Battle Creek Road, very near, when someone honked at us. Stupid Atlanta drivers... Oh wait, no, it's just NWoodruff, directly behind us. What timing!


I (NWoodruff) started checking on the hash point starting at about 9:20am eagerly awaiting a hash near by. 9:30am rolled around and the thumb tack popped up on Google maps in Riverdale. I used to hang out on Tara blvd back in the late 1990's at a place called Bubba and Earl's. I was very familiar with the area. Actually I usually print out a map to help me get to the hash point. I didn't need a map this time. I knew where it was.

Now that the weather is warm, I park my truck at a shopping mall and ride the last 6 miles on a bicycle. Around noon time I checked my bicycle bag for my camera. Whew... I had it with me. As I checked my camera, I remembered that I had copied off pictures the night before and had left the memory card in the reader in the computer at my house. Long story short, my camera is no good to me today. I contacted the Woodveil guys and made sure that they were going to show up. They were.

I left work 10 minutes to 5pm. I have a 6 mile ride back to my truck. Fortunately the ride going back to my truck is down hill. I did it in a record busting time for this year of 18 minutes and 31 seconds. I was leaving out of Kennesaw at 5:25. I had to stop for gas.

I was heading south on I75 for Atlanta at about 5:35pm. Interstate 75 goes from 8 lanes at I-285 and merges down to 2 lanes by the time you get to Atlanta. Those 2 lanes then merge down to 1 lane and that 1 lane then merges into I-85 traffic through the center of Atlanta. Needless to say about two miles before the I-75, I-85 merge, traffic had come to a stop, especially since there was now a car wreck blocking one of the lanes.

I was finally past that and merged on to the connector at about 6:10pm. Wow... 15 minutes to go 2 miles. Traffic started to lighten up. I exited I-75 at Tara blvd at 6:20. 10 minutes to make the 5 miles. Plenty of time.

As I pulled into the turn lane for Battle Creek Road, I looked up at the car in front of me. I noticed it was from Florida. I thought to myself... "Hmmmmm, I wonder what part of Florida they are from". My mind drifted off to something else. As the light changed and I made the turn left, it hit me that the blue car in front of me, that was from Florida, looked amazingly similar to the Whip that the Woodveil guys drive. Hey... There are two guys in the car. It's the Woodveil guys. I honked several times and flashed my lights. Whoa... Is that them giving me the finger?

Chris turned around and finally waved. I followed them to the parking lot.

By the way... The "I'll see you guys tomorrow, same time... Probably not the same place." was my joke.

Woodveil & NWoodruff[edit]

So we caravanned into the parking lot of the library. Then armed with GPS and chalk, the party of three proceeded towards the hashpoint, which ended up in a small green space next to the library. There were even benches! Obviously, people were meant to be in this area. Which was a rare occurrence, and so we seized the opportunity to relax at the hashpoint for a decent amount of time, without the constant fear of someone finding us and asking us to leave (or simply calling the cops). NWoodruff found a cat, and a tribute to xkcd was constructed from natural materials. Photos were taken, conversations were had, and the merits of giving blood were highlighted. Then we agreed to meet up again tomorrow, same time, probably not same place, and went to leave.

But then we discovered a trail leading into a some nearby woods. A bicycle trail. Woodveil investigated on foot, but NWoodruff just happened to have his bicycle with him. The trail led over a creek and under a bridge before Woodveil headed back.

All in all, good location and good meetup. Let's hope the next one is in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant.


"Mmm Mexican. Did I ever say that my girlfriend was Mexican?" - NWoodruff



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-03-10.
NWoodruff and Woodveil earned the Meet-up achievement
by meeting each other at the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-03-10.
NWoodruff earned the Hashcat achievement
by finding a cat and stopping to pat it near the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-03-10.
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