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2009-03-09 40 -86

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Mon 9 Mar 2009 in Lafayette, Indiana:
40.2501798, -86.0751560

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The coordinates fell in an empty field about three miles southwest of Tipton, Indiana.

[edit] Expedition by Brett

This is my first geohash in months. The destination was not very exciting: just a muddy field with a poultry farm to the south. I did not trek across the field due to the mud, but I planted a flag with "The Internet Was Here! March 9, 2009" written on it.

Despite the unremarkable coordinates, I greatly enjoyed the journey. The weather is finally warming up, trees had started budding, and birds were exhuming buried seeds. The first signs of spring! On the way home from the coordinates, I stopped by Morse Reservoir where I watched the geese floating on the water and admired the spillway overflowing from recent rains.