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Thu 5 Mar 2009 in 52,13:
52.5246700, 13.7445423

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Lyx: Plans? Go there. No, plans were: speed racer by train.


Lyx: I went to the library and borrowed two books. Then I went to the S-Bahn (local trains) station, where I discovered that the tracks were not only serviced by the S-Bahn, but also by an obscure regional train. I travelled to Lichtenberg by S-Bahn. There, I changed into said obscure regional train, owned by a private train company. The train itself was called "Oderlandbahn".

The train was headed for Kostrzyn, Poland, but I hoped it would have a stop earlier. The train was quite full and I went up to the drivers cabin as ekorren had recommended, to see whether I could read out the allowed speed limit. I could not, but had a beautiful view to the front. Then I waited for about 20 minutes, looking at my GPS until the glorious moment. It approached with a 100 km/h.

I readied my camera. Turns out it was not ready enough to snap a picture at first command. And the glorious moment passed with a 100 km/h. Some 200m later, the camera finally managed to take a picture.

I exited the train at Strausberg station, relieved that I didn't have to go until Kostrzyn. Since I hadn't seen much of the hash point, staring at my GPS and camera, I decided to revisit the point by foot. I took the S-Bahn back to Fredersdorf, where I got off with surprisingly many other people (where do they come from? where do they go?) and walked through the beautiful village of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf. The directions were quite easy to find as I could orient myself along the railway tracks. I arrived at the Waldweg road and thus close to the hash point. It was on the rails, which weren't protected by any fence.

Here I am with the hash point. I am not looking fully convinced that I had actually travelled on these rails earlier on. As you can see on the satellite images, there are several parallel tracks.

Slowly wandering back, passing the two giraffes on the sports field, an idea formed in my mind. I could wait for the next train to Kostrzyn and see if it would go on the right tracks. I seated myself comfortably on a small heap of grass and started picnicking. This angered the local dogs. They would not stop barking. A third dog tuned in. I left.

Defeated, I trampled back through the wonderful village of Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf. I passed this center of cultural activities, the sight of which lifted my spirits. Then, some sound lifted them even more. It was the bell signaling an approaching train at the railway crossing. I ran to the crossing, and tried to see where the train would be coming from. Now I can swear with 90% certainty that it was directly coming from the hash point. (This one was called "Heidekrautbahn", Erica train) Yes! (My certainty increased after the meticulous study of a sizable number of maps, which is why the report was delayed like this.)