2009-03-02 35 -77

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Mon 2 Mar 2009 in 35,-77:
35.7978503, -77.5216351

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Since this was one of only two snows we’ve had in over 4 years, we took advantage of the situation and attempted a Snowman Geohash. We left right after work, so we didn’t have our GPS, good camera, or other trappings. But, we used map printouts to find the Geohash on the side of a road.

We figured there would be very little snow east of us (and there wasn’t), so I filled up a cooler with snow outside my office during lunch.



Geological Features[edit]

Flat farmland. On side of road, 6 miles/10km south of Tarboro, NC.

Wildlife Encounters[edit]

Sightings - Geese, cows, chickens, domestic dogs.


32°F/0°C, cloudy.