2009-03-01 30 -85

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Sun 1 Mar 2009 in Panama City:
30.3552815, -85.9206630

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Planning and Analysis[edit]

Probable best approach seems from edge of paved road about 300 meters east

  • High ground, probably dry - probably little undergrowth
  • Estimated time from paved road to meet site, 15 - 20 minutes
  • Shorter < 200 meter approach from south looks likely to be wet or overgrown with brush.
  • Alternative approach from southwest looks feasible

Left following notes here with my email and phone number, indicating intent to try this at 1600 today

Gonna try to be there about 1600/1 MAR Bos

Tentatively propose attempt here Sunday 1 March 09 afternoon Looks like high ground (elev 59 feet) and maybe easy walk in from east or SW. May be even from south. User:Bos


Good mission

Traveled over paved roads to about 300 meters east of the point

  • Arrived to park there about 1554
  • Perfect day for walk in woods + 45°F / fresh breeze from north
    • Snow, ice, sleet up north - Good to be in FL - Jacket felt good

Thought I was going to be late but had easy 5 minute walk

  • Through open pine forest with floor covered by deer moss
    • With very occasional clump of palmetto and the more occasional young hardwood
  • Some Smilax (nature's barbed wire) but not bad
  • Arived on site at the appointed 1600 CST

GPS a bit squirrely due to RF reflection by trees

  • Initially took me about 10 meters south
    • Recognized error by tree patterns vs. satellite imagery
    • Corrected position was verified by GPS when it finally settled down

Waited about 25 minutes for possible other adventurers but none showed

  • Sat quietly by tree hoping to see wildlife - they also no-showed - Bummer
  • Had rations of cheese & CabSauv, listened to IPod and played with GPS while waiting
  • Marked position by scratching xkcd in moss and dirt - Then departed

Investigation of the shorter south approach confirmed heavy brush hypothesis

Hoping to make this kind of fun experience even better in future by sharing with others