2009-02-23 33 -84

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Mon 23 Feb 2009 in Atlanta:
33.8347965, -84.7297169

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This hashpoint was located in a private lake. The owners of the property make every effort to let you know that. I will assume the no trespassing award for today's hash point.



Sitting at my desk this morning waiting for 9:30am to roll around, I was eagerly clicking on the update button for the XKCD map. Finally up pops the thumb tack. Ahhh... Powder Springs and on water, plus it is freezing cold today. As 10:30am rolls around still sitting at my desk at work, I think Powder Springs isn't that far away. I pop up mapquest and lo and behold only 18 miles away.

I start thinking to myself can I beat Woodveil to this hash point? If I can get there before they do, at least I won't have the cops called on me. That's it... I'm going.

Five minutes past Noon and I'm in my truck heading for the lake for a picnic on the lake. Well, except as I was driving down the road, I remembered that I left my lunch sitting on my desk. I decided to soldier on. I did have some Little Debbie snack Fudge rounds that I put in my pocket before I left so I would also have some desert with lunch. I took a picture of myself sitting across the street from the entrance to the lake, enjoying a Fudge Round.

Being an uneventful hash and not being allowed access, I decided to go across the street and explore the Taylor Farms Park. Nice park, too bad it was too cold to get out and walk around for a long time. Oh well... I had to get back to work anyway.



NWoodruff earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (33, -84) geohash on 2009-02-23.