2009-02-23 -35 149

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Mon 23 Feb 2009 in -35,149:
-35.2835371, 149.1187077

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Joanna was there around 13:30, because she had to move her car. Ah, I love ANU parking (by which I mean I hope it dies painfully in a fire). Anyway, I was there, avoiding a truck that followed me around the carpark. Took a few photos on my camera phone, and then managed to find a space in the student permit parking lot.

Photos will come later, busy writing a report (a work report, not a geohash report) before I get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow.

I work (well, study) less than 1k from the hashpoint. And I claimed the easy geohash because my car was in that carpark (not on purpose either, that was the closest place I could find a space this morning. Long story)

Joanna earned the cubicle geohash honorable mention
by working near the (-35, 149) geohash on 2009-02-23.
Joanna has visited an Easy Geohash
by reaching the (-35, 149) geohash on 2009-02-23 without really trying.


Psud made it to the hash point about an hour after Joanna. Psud holds no student parking permit, and so had to pay for a parking spot. Thanks to the horrors of ANU parking, and the steep fees, Psud had no trouble finding a parking spot. Buildings hid the GPS satellites from view, so Psud had to walk the entire length of the hash footpath to ensure he stepped on the correct spot. A tree kindly held the camera, and Psud made it back to the south side of the city in time to pick his daughter up from school.

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I claimed the formal attire ribbon as I attended the hash wearing a button down shirt, tie, suit trousers and dress shoes. I did not claim the easy geohash as the hash point was within the labyrinth known as the Australian National University. I also did not claim the cubicle honorable mention as my workplace is 1352m from the hashpoint... but wait, an almost honorable mention!

Formal attire.PNG
Psud earned the Formal attire achievement
by looking good at the (-35, 149) geohash on 2009-02-23.
Psud in the hashcarpark.jpg
Psud earned the cubicle geohash almost honorable mention
by working not that far from the (-35, 149) geohash on 2009-02-23.