2009-02-22 33 -84

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It was a beautiful day.

Sun 22 Feb 2009 in Atlanta:
33.2803137, -84.8701622

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We were really excited about this expedition. The hash was located about 50 miles southwest of downtown Atlanta less than half a mile into the woods. After packing up our gear (which is really a GPS and a camera) we grabbed some food to devour at the hash and were on our way. Most of the driving was on I-85, but shortly after exiting we found a neat little town a couple miles from our destination. We drove right through the heart of Grantville, GA. A quaint little town of about 3,000 and a classic downtown that must have been 40 years old. The City Hall, library, police department, and senior citizen center were all in the same building. Continuing we slowly pulled up to site where we planned to park the car a venture into the woods, but it was not accessible. We pulled around to our back up spot, which was about twice as far away from the hash. We parked the car and set off into the Georgia wilderness. We hiked about a kilometer, passing several cut down trees and two tiny creeks (one had a pretty steep embankment). We made it!!! The actual spot was about 25 yards from the 2nd stream we crossed. We gathered some evidence and sat on a log nearby to eat our delicious treats. About to leave, we thought we would like to write "xkcd" somewhere on the hash. There were some pretty sizable logs around, so we gathered them and.....the rest is history. For some reason, hiking out of the woods doesn't seem to take as long as hiking into them. On the journey back to Atlanta, we stopped to explore Grantville a for a bit. We drove around to see what there was to see, and left.



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