2009-02-21 51 6

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Sat 21 Feb 2009 in 51,6:
51.8655206, 6.8235131

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Arvid planned to go there with his new recumbent after getting that in Winterswijk. I got a ride from a friend to Winterswijk quite early, so I planned on going to the hash early, and go home early.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

So at 9:45 I was in the recumbent shop. No hurries whatsoever, the owner of the shop was busy fixing the latest little things on my bike. However, he didn't had any help this saturday, and around noon it became busy. I wasn't in any hurry, so I acted a bit like I was his help of the day. Mostly by just chatting with the customers. It even got me a small discount (which really isn't of any concern after all the money I just spent there).

So around 14:40 I left there, distance to the hash from there was less than 20km, so I might even make it a 4pm hash after all. Just after 15:00 I had a short stop a little south of Oeding, where I made the first outside picture of my new bike.

At 15:30 I arrived at the point on the road where it was time to get off the bike. Well, this is so close to 4pm that I'll wait. I walked into the field, and apparently scared some deer. I even have a vague picture with one of them! The hash was easily reached, I took some pictures there, and walked back to the road. I did some poor attempt at making a tag since I didn't have a lot else to do.

Later I started to make close up pictures of my bike. I decided not to put them up here. At 16:00 sharp I left the point on the road from where I could see the hashpoint. The route back would be a slight bit longer than I estimated. Usually I plan the routes to my hashes, this time I didn't and let the GPS do the routing, but the routing map doesn't know about special bikeroutes. That gives... not so interesting results. Luckily it was just a "help" and I mostly decided by myself where to go.

Anyway, it all went quite well and at 18:15 I arrived home.