2009-02-15 49 8

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Sun 15 Feb 2009 in Mannheim:
49.3692524, 8.5834935

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Watch the expedition video!

I didn't initially plan on doing an expedition on Sunday, since a lot of snowfall already made for a rather uncomfortable trip on Friday. But sunshine on Saturday afternoon melted most of the snow, and Sunday became a beautiful, sunny day.

The hashpoint was in Oftersheim, at a parking lot next to the City Hall, and only 10 km from Heidelberg. On the way to the hash I cycled along an avenue stretching from the Schwetzingen Castle to Heidelberg's Königstuhl, passing by the 2009-01-21 49 8 hashpoint. On the way back I used a different cycle track. The hashpoint itself wasn't very interesting, but reachable without me having to climb a mountain or stomp through fields or undergrowth, so it made for a nice change.

Revisit on 2009-05-29[edit]

I wanted to do a cycling tour, but the hashpoint for today was a bit too far and in the graticule's ugliest and most industrialized area. Oftersheim, on the other hand, is in a beautiful area with flat terrain and many well-maintained cycling paths around. So I went to the Oftersheim hashpoint to take a photo for the Revisited gallery.