2009-02-14 34 -117

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Sat 14 Feb 2009 in San Bernardino:
34.8253397, -117.1710255

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The point was next to a hill on a property (?) in the desert outside Barstow, CA.



My father was visiting for the weekend, and I talked him into going geocaching in the Mojave Desert with the ulterior motive of wanting to drop by the hashpoint. We got to the point at 4:00pm, but nobody else showed up. We also found three geocaches before the sun went down - GC1184X, GCC9F1 and GCK28F. When we were done caching, my dad noticed the "Calico Ghost Town Regional Park" on the map, and we decided to check it out, hoping there might be someplace to eat in the area. To our surprise, that weekend the American Civil War Society was holding a reenactment convention at the ghost town; when we finally finished laughing at this bizarre turn of circumstance, we had the opportunity to hang with the "troops" a bit before heading home.