2009-02-11 47 -122

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Wed 11 Feb 2009 in Seattle:
47.6545786, -122.0082915

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Near Patterson creek, off Union Hill Road between Redmond and Fall City. The spots looks to be just east of this house in zillow.



A pleasant enough day - if you ignore the jacknifed trucks and spun-out cars during the icy morning commute. The sun was shining - just enough to screw up the afternoon commute as well. I'd rather be geohashing!

I took the slightly longer way home. I ignored the google maps suggestion, and a good thing too - it would have had me go from one dead-end to the adjoining one the hard way - through a fence. Lots of trees in the destination neighborhood, which is apparent from the satellite photo. Lots of trees means lots of delays, but my overhead printout was helpful here.

My plan was to park my car lined up with the structure south of the road - some sort of large barn-like structure. Then I would proceed on the google line until I had the proper angle with the house next door. According to Zillow, I wouldn't be on anyone's private property.

Just east of that house, and leading right to or through the spot, was what looked to me to be an overgrown driveway or road. Patterson creek was just east of this, and no bridge around, alas. I stalked up the overgrown road to the proper angle on the house and snapped a picture of the GPS, delay and all. No matter - I walked right through the spot, on the road less travelled.

I then continued up the path, which more or less dead ended. If it led anywhere, it was to the house west of me, or perhaps an earlier structure on that same site. All was quiet, with the trickling sound of Patterson creek just down the hill, and the occasional chicken from the lot down the street. A most pleasant geohashing experience!