2009-02-10 49 -123

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Tue 10 Feb 2009 in Vancouver:
49.2600149, -123.0445167

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thepiguy makes another solo hash trough Vancouver.


Just minutes from the Renfrew SkyTrain station, conveniently located on the sidewalk near a construction site.


I woke up pretty late but I didn't have any classes, and only a midterm later in the evening, so I took a detour on my way to school.

I was originally planning on bussing the entire distance, but when the bus driver stopped and said "Last stop, everybody off!" I figured maybe I'll take the SkyTrain the rest of the way! It took me several flights of stairs to figure out where to catch the right train, but I triumphantly boarded the light rail car and took my seat! Then 28 seconds later I got up because I only had to go one stop.

The hash was just where it was expected to be. I waited for gaps in the pedestrian traffic to take a few pictures and then ventured back to school.