2009-02-09 -34 138

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Mon 9 Feb 2009 in -34,138:
-34.8956375, 138.4976079

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Photos will be up shortly. I know I always say this and have 5 months of evidence to show that they won't, but I can always hope.


Just outside number 4 Dianne Place, Grange. In the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide.


UnwiseOwl, "on the way home".


Coming home at 10pm from the southern suburbs where I had been having fun driving a car named "George" (it seems everyone except me is naming their cars and their computers), I decided to drop past the Northern Adelaide hash for the day, since I still had 2 whole hours before midnight and the changing of the guard hashpoints. What I had failed to realise was that by "dropping by" this point, I was effectively increasing my journey home from 15 minutes to 90, and I should probably sleep sometime. But the call to the hash is strong, even when the hash is in a front yard in suburbia, so I leapt in my unnamed car and headed North.

Due to my having P-plates I was followed by a police car for a while, but as I considered what minor law I should break in order to get myself pulled over and achieve a shiny new ribbon, a blue car with flames coming out of its exhaust went flying past, and any hope of claiming a fancy ribbon for tonight's fun and games were dashed. The fun and games, however, were yet to come.

On arrival in a sleepy suburban street at quarter to eleven, I walked towards the hashpoint to the sound of barking dogs. I snapped a close up of the street number, made a running leap over the front fence and up to the hash point by the front door, and then legged it down the street before the people coming out of their homes to investigate the flash caught me.

I adjourned to a nearby park for congratulatory photos and a quick game of Mah Jong, which I soon realised is not a game designed for solitary play. Pity, really, as I had a pretty good hand.