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Sun 8 Feb 2009 in 52,13:
52.7552405, 13.1034115

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To stay at home, cozy and warm. For relet, to recover from his recent surgery.


..but then, what do you do at home on a murky Sunday afternoon? In a final attempt to combat the Epic Boredom, we decided to set out for today's hash. Relet was supposed to do some "mobility training" anyway. It did not promise to be one of the most exciting ones, but then again the map showed forest (never a bad sign) and a village of the name of Verlorenort (lost place), which sparked our fancies.

Route planning indicated that there were two-hourly trains servicing the closest train station of Schwante. They set off at the outermost border of the city, which meant we had to take the local trains to there, then this cutesy two-wagon regional train servicing the remote villages. The train was well heated, and outside was not. So we had a few coffee-coated peanuts and orange juice (not shown).

Having reached Schwante, we set off along the road to Sommersfeld from where we followed bike trails and forest tracks. Lyx found a throne. The closer we came to the hash, the more the tracks were frozen over. Quite tricky for relet. Eventually, we had to cross a dense pine forest. Interestingly, the few paths across the forest were also frozen over, as these were the only places where the rain could reach the ground.

On the other side of the forest, the hash was easily reached in a clearing, and we declared a small tree to be the place. Lyx went on to verify the location using her own GPS. A little to the left maybe?. Yay! Stupid Grin.

On the way back, there was artsy wood, some nice houses in the middle of the woods (could it have been the "Forester's House 'Virus'"?) One of the ditches on the way back turned out to be a well-grown channel, but we found a bridge. Eventually we also reached the train station, a derelict waiting shack in the middle of nowhere. To our good fortune, we only had to wait half an hour until the train arrived.. we weren't sure if we had to signal it to stop using Morse code otherwise.