2009-02-08 37 -122

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Sun 8 Feb 2009 in San Francisco:
37.7552405, -122.1034115

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Expedition Report[edit]

Awoke today with two goals: 1 - Make beer 2 - Visit local geohash site

Started with coffee, this seemed to cut through the fog. Cleaned kitchen, not because of beer, but because friends were coming. If not for friends, cleaning would never occur. Friends arrived around 9:30 am, beer ingredients in hand. These are friends indeed. Started pot boiling, added bag of grain, like gods own cup of tea. Boiled for a bit, and added Malt, in this case in the form of a thick honey textured goo. Spouse described as 'Ectoplasm'. Boiled some more, and added hops at various stages. Finally wort was done, and ready for cooling. Filled sink with water and ice. Sink drained due to failed plug; this was fixed with rag and plastic wrap. Water and ice again, and pot in water. Ah, better. While let to cool, it was off to geohash site.

Programmed GPS unit, and hopped in car at about 1 PM. Noted that light rain was falling. Geohash was only about 3 miles away, on Marciel road in Chabot Regional Park. Arrived at site about 20 minutes later. While parked, and wandering about, we set up a small symbol of our visit, were visited by a park ranger who objected to us parking in the turnout at the side of the road. Snapped a few pictures hopped in the car, and headed off to lunch.

Upon returning home, we decanted the beer into fermentation tank and bid farewell to friends.

First geohash. Land geohash. 1 Drag-along.