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Sat 7 Feb 2009 in Eugene, Oregon:
44.9706489, -123.2761965

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This is really the first Saturday since Lizzy and I have been geohashing that met the parameters of 1) A reasonably-placed hash point, and 2) Both of us weren't working all day. Therefore, we resolved to meet each other at today's coordinates at 4:00. Although I appear to be the only person editing the graticule pages in this area, surely there are other geohashers who just don't bother updating the wiki! Perhaps today we would meet people from the Internet who shared our passion for spontaneously-generated adventure! After all, the Eugene graticule contains three state universities and one private one. I KNOW I'm not the only xkcd reader nearby.


You couldn't tell from Google Maps, but we actually got really lucky with the hash point. Most of the surrounding area is in the Basket Slough National Wildlife Preserve, and while there aren't fences physically keeping people out, there are a ton of signs letting you know in no uncertain terms that public access is denied. Fortunately, the point was about ten yards away from the boundary, so we were able to get EXACTLY to the hash point*.

I showed up a little before 4:00. About ten minutes later Lizzy97396 arrived. We took some pictures and saw a fuckton of geese. Seriously, from the moment I arrived to the time I left there was a constant honking from the Wildlife Preserve. Two woman parked a car nearby, but they were merely birdwatchers and had never heard of geohashing.

Where were the others? I understand people from the U of O might have used the Roseburg graticule today since that spot was closer, but what about the students at Oregon State University? Or Willamette University? If I don't see a writeup for the Roseburg graticule later today, then I am officially calling you out on not geohashing.

Anyhoo, even though there wasn't actually a meet-up, it sort of felt like one since Lizzy and I came from two different places to get here.

  • My GPS can't handle fractions of seconds, so we may not have actually been exactly on the hash. Nevertheless, we were as accurate as my GPS can get.


The following were achieved by Haschel Cedricson:

The following were achieved by Lizzy97396:


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