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2009-02-05 50 9

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Thu 5 Feb 2009 in Fulda:
50.0123261, 9.9557567

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[edit] Location

Today's location is in a muddy field next to Büchold, a borough of Arnstein.

Country: Germany; state: Bayern (Bavaria, EU:DE:BY); administrative region: Unterfranken; district: Main-Spessart

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Danatar

I was able to use a car, so my plan was: drive 30 km to Büchold, find the hashpoint without GPS, verify location with the car's GPS, take pictures, drive home. Not everything went according to this plan:

Instead of about 30 minutes, it took me almost one hour to get to Büchold because the street was wet and I had to crawl behind a slow lorry for a large part of the way. When I was standing in the field (the hare fled before I could take a picture) and switched on the GPS, all I could read was "battery empty, please charge", so I had to keep to my traditionnal hashpoint-finding skills ("there is the field track intersection and the other street is over there, so I should go a little more towards... okay, I think the hashpoint is about here"). Back at the car I had to use all my remaining Kleenex (in German usually called Tempo, but mine were by Zewa; on the other hand, Zewa usually means a kitchen roll/paper towel...) to get the mud off my shoes. I had planned to recharge the GPS and go back for better proof, but a glance at my watch made me jump into the car and race back for lunch, which took me 45 minutes. I drove 63.7 km in total.