2009-02-03 47 -122

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Tue 3 Feb 2009 in Seattle:
47.9348096, -122.0991931

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Just south of this house. Looks to be a public area, but I'm not sure which road leads to it.



The spot was on public land, with at least two ways to access it. I parked in one convenient spot and snapped a Lilo photo. Getting to the lake didn't look too easy, though - lots of brush and brambles. Backing out, I saw a fisherman walking down the road.

I then drove around to the house in the above link. Parking on the road, I ambled down their driveway and then down a path which is more visible on the zillow site than on the google satellite map. Part way along the path was access to a gas pipeline. I suspect this well-used track was used by more than meter readers, though.

The spot was easily found, and I snapped a photo of the vista. On the dock was that same fisherman - so there must have been a way to the lake that I didn't see. I concluded my GPSing and left him to his fishing.

The fact that this is my 43rd successful expedition and this previous weekend was the 43rd superbowl is mere coincidence. Pitchers and catchers report next weekend for spring training - baseball season is just around the corner!