2009-01-24 40 -105

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Sat 24 Jan 2009 in 40,-105:
40.3650009, -105.3806584

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[edit] About

The NW Denver geohash for January 24nd, 2009 was located 21 miles (33.8 km) west of Loveland, CO near Pole Hill Road in Roosevelt National Forest.

[edit] Expedition

During my research I found that Pole Hill Road is also Forest Service Road #122, and extends from US 66 on the west to Loveland, CO on the east. I decided to attempt to reach the hashpoint from the east since I don't have a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle that is required for the west end of the road, which is a popular 4x4 trail and due to its elevation probably has more snow on the ground than the east end. There is a seasonal gate on the road about 2 mi (3 km) east of the hashpoint, but even if the gate was closed I was prepared for the hike. So I drove south to Loveland from Fort Collins, and turned west on First street. That turned into Pole Hill Road, and I passed some reservoirs on Bureau of Reclamation land. Just past the last reservoir, and with 6.6 miles (10.6 km) still to go, I was greeted by a large sign that designated the road ahead as private. I pulled off the road and consulted my maps to determine if the road was actually private or if this was a scam put up by some local resident who did not want a bunch of campers and four wheelers tearing down the road in front of his/her house during the summer. Both of my maps showed a high grade dirt road that winds past the reservoirs to a power plant (which is where the seasonal gate was), but I could not determine from the maps if any of the sections were private. I took another look at the road ahead, decided that the road's condition was too good to be a Forest Service road, and turned around to drive home.

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