2009-01-22 48 -122

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Thu 22 Jan 2009 in 48,-122:
48.6723626, -122.3859647

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Today's Bellingham location is mere metres from the I-5, on East Lake Samish Road, set perfectly for a multihash on the way to the Seattle meetup.


Robyn attended this one with T-Rex.


This was probably Robyn's most straightforward expedition ever, and done at the last moment with only a little bit of charge left in my GPS and camera batteries. Not able to leave Vancouver until two-thirty p.m., I had to leave Успех behind and take the car, which simplifies travel considerably. I crossed the border at the Peace Arch and continued straight down I-5 to exit 246, where I put ten gallons of cheap, cheap American gasoline (only cost $20) in my tank and turned on the GPS.

I followed East Lake Samish Drive, a narrow strip of land between Lake Samish and Interstate 5. Just after the bridge the GPS counted down to single digit metres and I pulled over to verify the spot. I saw the zero, but then the accuracy started to wander, so the photo shows 3m accuracy and 3 m from the target.

Déjà vu[edit]

I have been to this spot before, while participating in a triathlon. The first image shows a triathlon bike course over the only road between I-5 and the lake, and that road is narrow enough that anyone riding along it would pass through the error circle of today's geohash.

As proof that I successfully navigated that triathlon course, I offer a photograph of my winning ribbon and an action photograph as I started the bike course. That photograph is taken several kilometres north of today's geohash. The ribbon says "Bellingham" but Lake Padden is a triathlon run by the Bellingham club, and the time written on the back (not shown) matches the time recorded in my race log for my 26 June 1993 race on that course.

I am totally coming back for another déjà vu if a point falls on the triathlon swim course!

Today's Photographs[edit]

Part II[edit]

I continued south for the second half of a multihash.