2009-01-22 40 -105

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Thu 22 Jan 2009 in 40,-105:
40.6723626, -105.3859647

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The NW Denver geohash for January 22nd, 2009 was located on Stove Prairie Road off of CO 14, near Mishawaka and Roosevelt National Park.


Seth and Janna[edit]

After starting at CSU, we drove up CO 14 and arrived at the site at 2:30pm. There was a pull off about 500 feet up the road from the site itself with a small trail that leads up one of the hills. We walked back down the road to take pictures and left a small white XKCD button on the rock outcropping on the east side of the road to mark the site. We then walked back to the car and wandered up the trail a little ways, but determined we didn't have enough time to make the entire trek. We then took Rist Canyon Road back down to Fort Collins - a beautiful drive!


I have been waiting to try geohashing for a couple of weeks, and since I got off work early and today's geohash was not too far up the canyon, I decided to go for it. I arrived at 1600 and pulled off of the road just south of the hashpoint. I walked back down the road, and when I got close to the hashpoint I was surprised to see a white XKCD button in the rocks on the side of the road! After no geohashing activity in the Denver area for a couple of weeks I thought I would be alone on this expedition, but apparently Seth and Janna also got there. It would have been great if we had met, but that's how luck goes. I had my GPS with me, and the button was not quite on the coordinates, so I walked south along the road about 30 feet to claim my first geohash.


Seth and Janna.



Seth and Janna[edit]