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Wed 21 Jan 2009 in 47,8:
47.3946864, 8.6585472

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Yay, Zurich!. They have trains going through their living rooms.


After having introduced his work colleague Enric to geocaching the previous evening, he was up for something crazier. So we decided to drag him along on todays international geohashing expedition. Coming from a meeting, we passed by the main station, a great old hall featuring a wonderful regional market on wednesdays. The two of us took the line S9 until Schwerzenbach. Judging from the satellite images, the hash was supposed to be close to a small airstrip on a meadow near a building.

We took a walk along a small brook, passing harvested fields of (we assume) herbs. The boxes made an impressive view. We approached the hash along a larger road, until the point where we were closest. As it turns out, the meadow was now a brownish, muddish, also harvested field, in view of a car shop where several people were valuing and appraising their automobile goods. There was a moment of disappointment, until Enric (our Spanish motivation booster got really into these coordinate games) started chanting "Go! Go! Go!".. then adding "I'll wait here".

And so we went. We passed the cars, got a few weird looks, but no one cared. At the other side of the hill, it became apparent that there was a paved way between the airfield and the field. We would not have to get our feet dirty except for some 10 meters to eventually reach the hash. I did so, and Enric (who decided to come after us in the end and was attacked by dogs) had a smoke and some laughs while observing me taking the obligatory photo [1] and screenshots.

We continued on to search for a few (and find one) geocache and towards the station of Dübbendorf. We discovered that the airstrip seems to be used for military and a museum. Unfortunately, we did not have the time to see if they were selling postcards. There were giant mosquitoes, interesting lamps, and (yay!) a glowing cube in the main station to make us feel like we were in Australia.

Back in Zurich, we had a quick snack in the popular Niederndorfstraße to celebrate the short encounter before two of us had to leave for the airport.


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