2009-01-17 49 -123

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Sat 17 Jan 2009 in Vancouver:
49.3238594, -123.1391970

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thepiguy made his first hash of the new year by cycling to North-Vancouver in the fog.


In the parking lot of the Park Royal shopping center.


Save the apocalyptic fog, this was a pretty standard bicycle hash. I knew the exact rout I had to take (see below) and managed to get there in decent time (considering I've been biking less than 15km a week as of late). I ended up meeting up with a friend on the way back, so I only cycled 3/5 of the actual distance.

Déjà Vu Geohash[edit]

As soon as I saw the location, I immediately knew I qualified for the Déjà Vu achievement. It was on the exact rout I use to access the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. The only question was: how do I prove it? Then I remembered I have the entire tracklog from my 2008-09-01 expedition saved, and that it shows me passing directly by it! Achievement achieved!