2009-01-17 40 -74

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Sat 17 Jan 2009 in 40,-74:
40.3238594, -74.1391970

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Monmouth Reservoir


  • 2008-12-22

My UU mens group is doing their winter hike on January 10th, and I've talked them into taking a crack at the geohash if it's somewhere reachable. Of course, we'll have no idea where it is until Friday morning, but we'll make a decision by noon Friday as to whether we'll try it. In any case, we're going to be at Sourlands in Hillsborough, so that will be our "alt" if the real geohash is unreachable.

Click here for the Geotude page, if you're interested in playing with that tool.

  • 2009-01-09, 9:30AM local time
Coordinates for 2009-01-10, west of 30W
40.865958°N, 74.279772°W

The good news: the 2009-01-10 geohash is just off Passaic Avenue, north of West Caldwell. West Essex Park is close by (The nearby blue tag on the Google map), and has what seems to be an excellent "interpretive trail", with an online guide to what we may find along the trail. The bad news: The NWS is predicting 2 to 4 inches of snow for Saturday, with high temps just below freezing, so we'll need to dress warm.

  • 2009-01-09, 7PM local time

The response from the UU group is that many are not interested in the nature walk, because of the expected snow, so that is officially postponed until January 17th.

My friend Mike and I may still try to make it to the geohash, we're going to play it by ear.

  • 2009-01-10

Snow was significant enough near the hashpoint site that travel would have been hazardous, enough to convince us to hold off until the 17th.

  • 2009-01-16 10:49AM
Meetup location:
* 40.323859°, -74.139198° or
* N40°19.4315', W74°8.3518' or
* N40°19'25.89", W74°8'21.1"

The geohash for the 17th is in the middle of Monmouth Reservoir. The good news is, Thompson County Park is right next to it, with nice hiking trails and hope of legal water access (rarely used in winter, I'd imagine). Our group is going to try to get together by noon, so we can do the hiking in the warm part of the day. The National Weather Service predicts a high of 23°F on the 17th for Lincroft.

  • 2009-01-17 40 -74

There were three of us on the hike, Mike, Art, and myself. The reservoir was frozen over, but not thick enough to walk on, so the geohash itself was not attempted. We had a great hike, about 5 miles or so. It was about 20 degrees all afternoon, but between the hiking and the windbreak of the trees, we were all reasonably comfortable.

MNB Ribbon.jpg
Jevanyn earned the "Mother Nature's Bitch" Consolation Prize
by failing to reach the (40, -74) geohash on 2009-01-17.