2009-01-17 -35 149

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Sat 17 Jan 2009 in -35,149:
-35.3238594, 149.1391970

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At the hash[edit]

We hadn't revised our 14:00 Saturday hash meet time (16:00 was too late in winter), so Psud arrived at 13:50, having given himself extra leeway in time to arrive as he was attempting a no-batteries hash. Psud had hoped to take public transport too, but that was not to be.

?Graham? arrived a few minutes after Psud on foot. His first hash.

A few minutes late Nemo, Kieran and Joannac arrived in Eliza to the bird bath declared to be the hash point. Nemo brought juggling balls, so everyone but Kieran and Psud had a go at juggling.

Joannac wore a dancing outfit and ballet shoes, aiming for the calender girl achievement.

Next came Ainsley. Now with her own transport!

The hashpoint was nondescript. A lawn by a footpath in a quiet suburb of Canberra. Fortunately due to Canberra's laws against houses having front fences the hash point was accessible. A bird bath sat within arms reach of the expected spot (but there was not a GPS among us to confirm the exact location) so we declared it "Near enough".

Nemo drove Eliza and Psud past the hash point as they mimicked the google streetview car. A series of photos will be available shortly, as may be a video.


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After the hash[edit]

Since the hash was in close proximity to some of Canberra's better bars the regular hashers decided to retire to a pub. We drove past a block of flats being prepared for demolition - Ainsely had identified them as "spooky". Kieran wanted to break in. Conversation fell to cricket. Nemo started an attempt to explain the game to Ainsley. Kieran and Joannac and Psud helped. Props were used. We eventually relocated to Manuka (pronounced "mahn'ika") Oval - a cricket ground - to finish the discussion, before finally venturing our ways homewards. A successfull hash!