2009-01-15 35 -77

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Thu 15 Jan 2009 in 35,-77:
35.9450042, -77.7771779

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Today's geohash was just too good to pass up when we saw it was only a few meters from a Hess station and offered the chance for our first Geosquishy.

And we simply couldn't do a boring consecutive geohash on the side of the road without putting on a little fanfare. So, we tore into the glow sticks left over from the Transformus '08 burn and cranked up our glow poi. It seemed the smart thing not to perform with fire as we feared twirling flaming poi a few meters from a gas station, and on the side of a highway, would draw unwanted attention from law enforcement. After all, it was crazy enough that we were loitering about in sub-freezing weather with a frozen drink, glow toys, electronics, and a plush panda.

While Bear was buying the slushy, I wandered over to the hash. My worse fear was realized - we'd have to climb down into a drainage ditch (the picture does not do justice to the harrowing descent). You just try hanging on to a stuffed bear, a $300 camera, and a Hess wild cherry slushy while climbing down a pile of rocks towards what is surely alligator-infested water.

After having enough fun near the water's edge, we climbed out of the abyss and put on a circus act with the glow poi. I will omit the photo showing my head making contact with a poi ball. A few more slurps on the frozen slushy and our bodies achieved oneness with the 28.4°F/-2.0°C ambient temperature...so it was time to leave.


Eisen & Bear - NCBears

Geological Features[edit]

Flat topography, city neighborhood in southeast Rocky Mount, NC.

Wildlife Encounters[edit]

None - :-(


Low 28.4°F/-2.0°C, clear skies, light wind