2009-01-12 41 -71

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Mon 12 Jan 2009 in 41,-71:
41.6904615, -71.5333403

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41.690461°, -71.533341°

The coordinates in the Providence graticule are in West Warwick at the back of private property on Eileen Dr.


Not much of interest to report fellow hasher dudes. Despite being the first geohash in ages for this graticule as far as I know, it was fairly uneventful. I ended up walking there alone, and discovered that the point was completely surrounded by fences and houses such that getting a picture of the point would involve questionable activities. I assumed from the Google Maps image that the point was under a tree in the back yard of the property on Eileen Dr., but when I saw it it seemed like the point could be on either side of a fence that was not viewable on the image. I traversed to the road on the opposite side of the house which was much more open, but definitely still private property. My camera had evidently not been charged (I looked for the charger without success before setting out), so the only thing I managed to get were some camera phone pictures from one side of the fence.

Meanwhile it was below freezing, so I decided not to linger. On the way back I picked up some Entenmann's cookies, which were/are delicious!

Apologies for failing to make this story a metaphor for life.