2009-01-05 -35 138

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Mon 5 Jan 2009 in -35,138:
-35.0151378, 138.5361555

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Today's geohash for the Southern Graticule of Adelaide landed at a stobie pole in the suburb of Oaklands Park


With the stop being an impromptu one on the way home from work, it was just a lonely setsujoku, though he was closely watched by a lawn mowing muggle once at the hash point


With the great opportunity to stop by on the way home from work, and the idea of getting some fresh air after being stuck in air conditioning all day, it was an easy decision to go to today's hash point.

Given that the location was on the street, no interaction with private property owners was required, though with a keen muggle watching on whilst mowing his front lawn, this idea nearly didn't come through

With a pre constructed note to leave as evidence, it was only a matter of getting an unnoticed second to leave it. The first attempt failed, with the card being too wide to slide into the side of the pole. After the muggle completed another lap of the lawn, I dived for the spot again, this time with more success

After a check of the e-mails (since technically I was supposed to be at work), and it not looking like I might meet anyone else here, it was time to move on.


2009 01 05 -35 138 GZ.jpg 2009 01 05 -35 138 Hash note.jpg