2009-01-04 -19 146

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Sun 4 Jan 2009 in Townsville:
-19.5058269, 146.8034327

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This looked to be a relatively easy hashpoint to reach. It was about 200 metres off a track which according to Google maps ran along a number of property boundaries. We weren't sure about the legality of getting onto the land anyway as it fell very close to the edge of the Ross Dam it may well be public land (belonging to the water board), crown lands or it still could be private land, we would judge this when we reached the road near the hashpoint. Having ignored the Google maps interpretations of the roads in this area, which clearly show roads where there are none and roads that run right over streams where there are quite obviously no bridges, floodways or even dirt river crossings, we eventually reached the point at which we had to turn onto the dirt road to reach the hash. It was on a piece of road a few kilmetres off the existing Flinders Highway which was part of the old highway that ran through here, although the road had obviously narrowed considering even passing a small tractor was difficult. Apon arrival at the dirt road we discovered that yes, this was infact land owned by the water board although it was not 'public' as a rather menacing sign noted that 'No Unauthorised Entry... Offenders will be prosecuted' with a number to ring to reach the ranger for this area.

Following a lengthy discussion as to who had the best reception on their mobile phone in this area Jezs was about to use Hirods phone to ring the mobile number and seek permission to enter the area when a lovely local pulled up in his 4WD and asked if we were okay. We explained that we needed to reach a point beyond the gate to which he responded by telling us the land was private property and reiterating the comment on the sign. He asked why we needed to reach the point, not meaning to sound like weirdos (and hopefully get on his good side) we noted that we were from a nearby University and needed to do a satelite linkup from that location (not exactly a lie, although we hadn't brought a GPS with us, I had brought my N95 to take photos but we had been navigating using a compass and map hoping to get the 'No Batteries' acheivement). He then explained that probably it wouldn't matter normally but due to the recent rains the road had been flooded out and all the creeks in the are were well over the crossings, including one we would need to cross to reach the hashpoint. According to the map there was another entrance to the area to the north however, where we had stopped the road to the north was also gated with a 'Road Closed' sign accross the closed gate so that was not an option. We stood around for a while took some photos and headed back toward town, stopping in at an old WW2 bunker I knew about on the way back (see photos below).


  • Twistie organised a group including Jez, Hirod and himself to make an attempt for the hashpoint.
  • Hirod drove the group there in his car and also provided techno pirate music for the journey.
  • Jezs tagged along for comic relief purposes and to discover how much his hand can flap around out the window at 110km/h.


Twistie, Jezs, and Hirod earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-19, 146) geohash on 2009-01-04.