2009-01-02 52 7

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Fri 2 Jan 2009 in 52,7:
52.1995170, 7.0589406

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Arvid didn't really have much of a plan. Close enough to do after work. Even close enough to do after arriving home from work and before dinner. I didn't have to go on any roads I haven't been before while hashing. Yes, this could also do for a deja vu. Don't remember on what hash though. I'd have to check my "all hashes"-tracklog.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

I left home at 17:45. Arrived near the hash at 18:15. Walked into the field after parking the bike. Got to the hashpoint easily. Brought my thermometer because I was pretty sure this would get me a Frozen Hash, which I didn't have yet. It started off at -1.9°C or so, which was good enough, but it went down pretty fast. I also have a picture that shows -4.7°C, but the cable of the external sensor is before the -. And since that isn't gonna get me a Coldest Hash anyway, -4.2°C is fine.

I tagged the spot, made a picture of myself and walked back to the bike. Woah, iceroad! It was slippery at the outside road near the hash. During the day it had just been above 0°C, and since it was about -4°C now that little bit of water was now ice. Anyway, I left there at 18:35 and arrived home without accident about half an hour later.