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West of -30°: .9274448, .5145828
East of -30°: .2187462, .4703441
Globalhash: -50.625677249896, -10.67611126608 (GeoNames)

Photo Gallery[edit]

Expeditions and Plans

Forster, Australia CJ, Shady, Watties, pickles, Wraith happened to fall extremely close to the camping ground at which a number of...
Nacogdoches, Texas Uglystick After discovering xkcd and geohashing back in August 2008, I had several "c...
Regensburg, Germany dawidi On a wooded hill above Unterlichtenwald, about 15km east of Regensburg.
Mannheim, Germany ilpadre Part 1 of a two-day expedition. After the announcement of the 12-30 hashpo...

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