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2008-12-27 36 -78

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Sat 27 Dec 2008 in 36,-78:
36.5988770, -78.0776342

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[edit] Report

Bear and Eisen ventured above Gaston Lake, stopping at a few geocaches along the way. Satellite recon via Google Earth proved less than accurate because we found the geohash point seemingly blocked with a row of new houses. Calls to Pope AFB and Norfolk Naval Base yielded no SR-71 flyovers to provide updated approach intel. But, fortunately, one lot to the side was still for sale, so we proceeded as if interested buyers, worked our way through the thorns to the elusive empty field in the rear, and found the 36 -78 geohash. Several deer paw prints suggested we were not the first to reach the location this day.

Since Bear's kinfolk seem particularly active, we decided to do a little welcome from N36 W78. We use those small flags for baby Jurgen's grave. Jurgen was our 21 year old cat who passed away last March.

[edit] Participants

Eisen & Bear - NCBears

[edit] Geological Features

Rolling farmland. Geohash in open field with low brush, grass, thorns.

[edit] Wildlife Encounters

Signs - White-tail deer prints (see picture below), domestic dog prints.

Sighting - Domestic dog across road from parking spot barked at us.

[edit] Weather

50°F/10°C, Overcast, Light wind

[edit] Pictures

[edit] Achievements