2008-12-27 34 -86

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Sat 27 Dec 2008 in Huntsville:
34.5988770, -86.0776342

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fredcai set out on a leisurely drive with an long time friend for a first successful hash.


Near Scottsboro, Alabama, on a relatively busy road (for Scottsboro at least)


Since my previous attempt at geohashing the night before ended poorly (2008-12-26 34 -86), I took the time to print out a map to the location.


It would be a 73 mile drive to the hash, which would be a lovely drive for a cool afternoon. I invited my friend Megan along so we could hang out in my short time back in Alabama. After cruising along I-565/AL-72/AL-279 for around an hour (Google seems to follow some sort of 'speed limit' when it suggested it would take almost an hour and a half), we arrived at the hash just after 4 pm. No one else showed up for the weekly meet up, but the Huntsville graticule does not seem to be incredibly active. After taking a few pictures, I successfully attempted the Speed Racer Geohash achievement at a whopping 30 miles an hour (less than half of my average speed to the actual site).

After the expedition, we stopped by the Unclaimed Luggage Center, called by ABC "purgatory for lost luggage" and by me "sadly, the only halfway interesting thing in Scottsboro."