2008-12-26 34 -86

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Fri 26 Dec 2008 in Huntsville:
34.8043194, -86.7644742

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fredcai makes his first attempt at geohashing with a late night urge


In a group of houses just north of Madison, AL.


Because this was my first attempt, I simply wrote down basic directions to the hash. During the day, this probably would have been enough, but at night, apparently street signs can be difficult to read.


I left at 11:20, which should have been plenty of time to reach the hash. After nearly missing my first turn, I started to realize the errors of my ways. I then spent several minutes misreading my own directions, but noted this caused me to frequently pass a street that I believe was named MC Crazy. After spending over a half hour attempting to find the second turn, I pulled off into a similar group of houses to prove I was in the general vicinity of the hash. At this point, I discovered that my camera was low on power and unable to take a photo with flash. When I returned home to check my final coordinates, I found that I was two blocks north of the target destination. Close, but no cigar.

Lessons Learned[edit]

A GPS would be great, but a decent map is neccassary at night.

Check supplies before attempting to geohash.