2008-12-23 52 6

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Tue 23 Dec 2008 in 52,6:
52.2407210, 6.9617616

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Arvid first thought about a midnight hash, but at 23:30 he noticed it was foggy as usual, and decided to do it the day after, after work.

It looked like after stopping at the closest road as if I could walk along a bit of bushes at the edge of a field, and then the last part in a bit of woods.



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

About 17:25 I left from work, since I had a chat with a co-worker about recumbents. It was dark, and very humid, but not raining. Just foggy. Again. Still.

At about 17:50 I arrived at the point on the road where I intended to get off the bike and walk to the hashpoint. This field was no field of grass. It had a lot of young trees in it, very close to eachother, with brambles between them. Not very easy to get through. After 5 minutes I had done 36m. Still 254m to the hash. This is not the way.

I went back, and tried to go through the woods instead of the field. This was way more successful. I did >100m in 3m30. But found more bramblebushes after that. My socks were wet. The ground was wet and full of wet leaves. So it was slippery too. I decided this was enough. In daylight I'd try from more sides, but on a cold(4°C) wet evening... no.

At 18:20 I left for home, arriving there at 18:40.