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Wed 17 Dec 2008 in 52,13:
52.4629612, 13.1672532

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Luck is not with the casual geohasher and the algorithm exacts swift revenge on every hasher who dares to stay away from active hashing for too long - or so it seemed. Anyway, the spot looked reachable on Google Maps (although the street overlay was a good deal off again), so we set out directly from university at 5pm. Almost one hour later we got off the bus in the vicinity of the hash. As we weren't exactly sure which path to take and we didn't bring any maps (only a GPS device without mapping functionality), we first entered the area of the hospital "Krankenhaus Havelhöhe" and could reduce the distance to ~80 meters. To walk the last meters we would have had to make our way through (or ideally around) a biowaste dump (the sign read "Kompostgrube"), but the ground was already muddy where we stood, so we retreated and tried again from the other side. To our disappointment we found that the whole hospital area was surrounded by wall or fence, and although strictly speaking it wasn't forbidden to enter the area (we had just been there, and there was no access control on the road where we had walked in), we didn't want to climb that fence. After all, we came directly from work and didn't bring our hiking shoes.

So no ribbons this time (which really annoys me, will take some time until I get that chance again), just a No Trespassing consolation prize for Lars.


Hash: 30m in that direction.
The best we could do.