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Tue 16 Dec 2008 in 52,6:
52.1668092, 6.8989355

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Arvid didn't really fancy it, but he has to at least go there, when it's only 6km away.

It looked like it's in the backyard of a farm. They usually have dogs. And since I don't have time during the day it's dark.


  • Arvid cycled 13.9km
  • "I would normally have climbed that fence but this time I didn't feel like it"


Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

Well. It was only 15 minutes to the road (dead end) closest to the hash. I left home around 20:15. I did check out the "dead ends" but one was muddy and the other had an official "no trespassing" sign. So a bit back. A dog had started barking a couple of houses earlier. It didn't stop. It has barked for at least 8 minutes non-stop. A woman was calling it, but it didn't listen.

I did look at where the hash was. It looked like it was in the field, not in the backyard of the farm. If that dog hadn't been getting on my nerves I would've climbed the barbed wire around the empty field. But I didn't. It was a dachshund by the way.

So at 20:40 I went home, and drove around a fairly new industrial area on the way, to check if it's correctly mapped in openstreetmap.