2008-12-13 52 6

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Sat 13 Dec 2008 in 52,6:
52.0352845, 6.8161160

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Madness! Madness! Madness!
Arvid would soooo do a multihash(he still didn't do a successful hash in 51 6, and it's fairly close and looks doable, but.... 90km), if the daylight was a bit more than between 8:45 and 16:30. And if it wouldn't be freezing. And if he didn't really want to get the decurion. And if he didn't cycle 160km in the last 3 days already and had a party tonight.

So, I want the decurion and will only do this one.
Also: I have been at the closest ongoing road on 2008-12-12! That's 85m! I'll be there saturday at 16:00.
tracklog and hashpoint in google maps
the gpx file with the time&date



Arvid's tracklog by bicycle.

Since the hashpoint wasn't that far away I thought leaving around 15:00 would do for a 16:00 hash. So I started cycling at 14:50. I had a bit of a detour to log roads unknown to openstreetmap. My planning was brilliant. Total cycling time to the hash: 1h00m08s. And no traffic lights. So I was at the hash at 15:50. The tree I parked my bike against is so close to the hash, it's even within the accuracy of the GPS. I think it really is about 5-10m more south though.

It was already getting quite dark. After I parked my bike I got my GPS to show the exact coordinates, had a banana, tried to let it freeze(MOAR ribbons), and tagged the spot. At 16:05 I went on, mostly logging more roads unknown to openstreetmap. And to make my total distance today more than 60km(to get my total over 3000km). The way to the hash was just under 27km. So that's what the weird tracklog is. Oh. And I found stairs in a path with a cycleway sign. Germans are INSANE.

I have no idea what that helicopter is about. Google just told me that that's about the point. It's an artwork made of wood. And the rotor should be rotating slowly, powered by a watermill in the river Berkel below. I didn't notice it moving.

After a lot of detours I arrived home again at 17:50.